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Still trying with freebsd

31 May 2007

Ok so I figured freebsd should work on my MacBook. Every one that installed freebsd on MacBooks used BootCamp but i really dont want to to install it. After reading about it. I dont think I need it. So I hook up to and joined ##freebsd and asked the nice people there what they though. Th only useful piece of information I got was to try with freebsd 6.2 instead of 6.1. So get home and get ready to d/l 6.2 and I remembered that I dont have any blank CD’s….. Thank god tomorrow is friday so I can get 6.2 and try to install it on Saturday.

I’m going to leave the partial gentoo installation alone until I know if 6.2 is going to work or not.

I also had to go to court today for speeding. I was doing 57 in a 40. The funny thing is that almost every one that this cop caught was doing 57 in a 49 all on the same road. I mean there were like 10 people all magically doing 57 in a 40….. Any way I got a PBJ so I can get cough for a year.