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2019 Prognostications

22 Jan 2019

2019 has started and just like every year over at KOPN Tech Radio it’s time to get this year’s predictions and prognostications going. Here are my top tech predictions for 2019:

DNS Security: Comparing DNS-over-TLS, DNSSEC and DNS-over-HTTPS

08 Nov 2018

DNS security has been getting a lot of attention these past couple of years. This has lead to a number of DNS security-enhancing standards to be proposed, with the three big ones being DNS-over-TLS, DNSSEC and DNS-over-HTTPS. In this article we will discuss all three of those standards, the threat model they assume and what protection the provide.

2018 Prognostications

23 Jan 2018

It’s the beginning of 2018 and over at KOPN Tech Radio it’s time for our yearly prognostications. Obviously no one can predict the future so take everything said below with a grain (or a tablespoon) of salt. With that said, here are my main predictions for 2018 and the future. Sadly reaching the singularity isn’t one of them.

DevComo Bitcoin Transactions Presentation

29 Dec 2017

Here is a link to the slides to the a presentation I gave at DevComo describing Bitcoin Transactions and how they work: The Anatomy of Bitcoin Transactions

FCC Filing in Support of Net Neutrality

08 May 2017

With the internet having become an integral part of our Americans lives, it is necessary to protect and preserve free, open and nondiscriminatory internet access for all of us. Internet Service Providers are tasked with connecting users with the content and services available on the internet, not with regulating and managing what content users are able to connect to and how they connect.

It would be unacceptable for a phone company to redirect phone calls from one business to another and would be unfair for a phone company to charge different rates for equal service to two equal businesses. It would also be scandalous for a phone company to record customers phone conversations and then sell that data in order to inject advertisements into a customers telephone conversation.

In the same manner, it is and should be unacceptable for an Internet Service Provider to redirect requests from one website to another, and for an ISP to provide more bandwidth when requesting one site over another. It should be illegal for an ISP to record a customer’s web history and later sell that history to advertisers in order to inject targeted ads into the pages a customer has requested.

Title II places restrictions on phone companies that both protect consumers and create fertile ground for a healthy and robust communication infrastructure. In the same manner the public needs restrictions on ISP to both protect consumers from ISP overreach and create a healthy and fertile internet communication infrastructure that benefits all.