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I know why the external wont boot.

10 Jun 2007

Ok I figured out why the external USB wouldnt boot. I was playing around with Disk Utility and in order to get the external to boot there is a special partitioning format thats needed. So I plugged in the usb and formatted it in the needed from for it to boot. I poped in the FreeBSD CD (Again) and booted from it. It turns out freebsd doest understand the partition table format the apple uses so I dont know what to do now. I remember Gentoo had something about Mac OS X partitioning so I might check that out, but that was for PPC based macs. I’m pretty sure freebsd has a way to do what I need it to do but I’m kinda getting tired with all the problems I’ve been having with it lately. I usually like freebsd but the last week it’s just been a pain in the ass.