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I'm back

27 Aug 2007

Ok I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here but I kinda went to Syria then I ended up moving to Columbia, Missouri. I’m still not settled in and stuff is still crazy…. The last month/two months have been really crazy.

Any way back to whats important. I set up a mySpace page (Shudder!!) and the default look for the profile is kinda dull so I decided to spice it up a little bit using CSS… Well if you’ve never looked at the source for your myspace profile, Dont! That is some fucked up code. But I decided that I should try and analyze it so I could add some bitchin css to my ultra cool myspace page.

First off I started to read a little bit of it and try to figure out how it was organized. Every time I’d hit an Id or class tag I would make a note of it in my little TextMate window. Here are the notes:

*remember to look for bluetext

class=tdborder tabled with brders?. type: "td"

class=orangetext15 Orange headers. type: "span"

class=btext blacktext?. type: "span"

class=blacktext10 blacktext. type: "span"

class=redbtext red text? colored Numbers. type: "span"

class=navigationBar  The Navigation Bar. type: "table"

class=navbar The navigation bar elements. type: "a"

class=profileInfo The profile info box. type: "table"

id=Table2 The profile info inner table. type: "table"

class=contactTable The Contact me table. type: "table"

class=userProfileURL The user profile URL box. type: "table"

class=userProfileDetail The profile detail box. type: "table"

class=latestBlogEnrty latest blog ENTRIES. type: "table"

class=blurbs The blurb box. type: "table"

class=friendSpace Box with friends pictures. type: "table"

class=friendsComments friends comments. type: "table"

class=commentslinks . type: "div"

So I decided to use those little classes and Ids as a starting point. I wrote a little CSS and pasted it in my About Me box, update, looks kinda like what I wanted. After a couple more tries I finally found out that I can’t quite get to the elements that I want to change. A new line of attack was needed

I figured that a good re-startign point would be to get the names of all the classes in my myspace profile so I wrote up this nice sweet little script to do the job for me:


import HTMLParser
import sys

class ClassFinder(HTMLParser.HTMLParser):
    def __init__(self):
 self.found_classes = {}

    def handle_starttag(self, tag, attrs):
 for name, val in attrs:
     if name == "class":
  if not self.found_classes.has_key(val):
      self.found_classes[val] = [tag]
  elif not tag in self.found_classes[val]:
    def print_findings(self):
 for cls, tags in self.found_classes.iter():
     print cls
     for tag in tags:
  print "\t", tag

if __name__=="__main__":
    cf = ClassFinder()

I dont’ event know if it works because I wrote it up at like 12:30am. So I run my profile through it and I get a Pare Error, fuck… I though about using BeautifulSoap to try and solve the problem but I have never used it and I didn’t feel like learning a new library so soon before bed

So after all that work a quick google search tuned up a pretty cool copy/paste profile skin… I will defiantly edit it soon but until then I have an anonymous web designer to thank for my Ultra Cool profile page.