Circuits Of Imagination

Some Stupid Story.

28 Aug 2007

So today wasn’t very interesting computer wise.

I found this job for a java (yuc!) programmer at this bank in Jefferson City. I fixed up my resume an made it all nice and pretty. I put it on google docs and head over to my sister desktop to print it since my laptop isn’t hooked up to the printer. Well, I was warned that the printer wasn’t working very well so. So first off I go to mapquest to get directions. I select the part I need, File, Print, Ok…. “Cannot communicate with printer”! wtf!. The little dialog says that I should try and unplugged than replug the printer.

It’s getting late and I dont have enough time to deal with this crap. So I head over to the college in hopes of finding a working printer. I go to the library and try to use the computer but I dont have my student e-access setup yet (lazy bastard) so I can’t log on. I tried for a guest account, no luck. I tried to guess the Admins password, also no luck. So I text my sister and ask her for her username/pass

While I’m outside texting her this girl smoking a cigarette catches my eye. She’s looks a little punky and kinda stands out. I haven’t meet any one in this dead beat town yet to I go over and ask her for a cig. I start talking to her and decide that it’s too late to go for this stupid interview for a job I dont really want. So I text my sister and tell her to forget about the username and stuff. I finish the cig and get up and leave. I didn’t ask the girl for her number, I should have… I hope I run into her again soon. I liked her.

As I’m walking away I get this call from my sister asking what the story is. I tell her about her printer. She tells me that she’s near the library and that shell log me in so that I can use the printer there. I go back to the library and come out with a copy of my resume and the directions to the bank

I go back home and change into my Look Professional clothes, aka Pretend I Care About What You Think clothes. I get to the bank and I fill out an access application that asks me for the usual info. Then I sign a couple of papers, hand them my resume and leave. They said theyd get back in touch with me

Ok I kinda forgot why I told you guy’s this story… I dont think there is a moral to it. But I have it all written down so I’m gonna publish it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll come up with something you actually care about