Circuits Of Imagination

This is from gnome blogger

03 Mar 2008

Well I’m posting this entry using gnome-blogger. I got my old laptop up and running Ubuntu again for work. I still have my Mac that I use for school and stuff I prefer to develop on Linux machines. I have written a whole three lines and I still don’t see what so special about this app. I might as well use emacs and copy/paste. Any way hopefully I’ll post some interesting stuff later this week.

I'm back again

26 Feb 2008

This is probably the third or forth one of thoes “I’m gonna start writing again” posts that I’ve done. But yes I think I’m gonna start blogging again. I’ve been carzy busy lately and I have to go to class in a couple of minuts so I’ll try to post something useful tonight

^—Completly useless post

Script is working

22 Sep 2007

So I’ve been messing around with Mac development for the last little while. I got a copy of “Beginning Mac OS X Programming” and I’m reading it. I also got my iCal script to work, here it is

AppleScript and iCal

16 Sep 2007

I started to fiddle around with apple script the other day. I down loaded an example script that exports you iCal events. I tried to write a trimmed down version of it but I keep getting this error that I dont understand. I just signed up at MacScripter and posted my question so hopefully I’ll get an answer soon

Wrote a Coca App!!

10 Sep 2007

So me being the ADD fuckup that I am decided that I want to write pretty coca app for Macintosh. So I went out to Barns & Nobles and the only Mac Development related book I could find was about how to use Xcode. Well it had an example app as the introduction which I used as a starting point. I have to admit I didn’t get very far after that. Any way I’d upload it for you all but blogger wont let me :-(.