Circuits Of Imagination

Sooooooooooo True

29 Jan 2012

It sure seems easy to make a table. Anyone can do it, right? Get 1 large flat rectangular piece of wood, 4 equally tall wooden poles, 4 nails and a hammer. Nail the 4 poles to each corner of the flat rectangular bit, and you have a table. Ta daaa!

Greasemonkey 101

15 Feb 2011

So I’m reading InfoWorld the other day and on the side of the page ther is that annoying “Share This” toolbar. Now I have AdBlock installed but it skipped this one for some reason and AdBlock can’t removes div’s AFAIK. The solution I came up with was Greasemonkey


21 Jun 2009

Gotta love CoreImageFunHouse!

Look At What I Made

openFrameworks is cool

02 Jun 2009

openFrameworks is a set of C/C++ libraries for “Creative Coding”.

I heard about openFrameworks a while back off of reddit. The video on there home page had me sold! So one Saturday morning when I wasn’t too hung over I made this.


It only took me 100-150 lines of code to write that app. You can get the Xcode project here.

Whats up with Xmonad

02 Jun 2009

Xomnad… The new and hip tiling window manager written is Haskell, the new hip language. I’ve been hearing about xmonad a lot and have been trying to get into haskell. Ya know, gotta follow those trends.

So I go and grab a copy of xomand (0.8) and all the depends (I had haskell setup already). Compiling and installing was a breeze. At the time I had a pimped out gnome setup (compiz, emerald… the works). Just to see what would happen I run the fresh new binary called xmonad. All the friking windows start bouncing around the screen. It was kind of cool to see the two programs fight for control over to poor windows.