Circuits Of Imagination

Class Extractor

01 Sep 2007

Ok so I wanted to do a little something in perl because it’s been a while since I’ve written anything in it. Since I still have the code from my myspace profile I decided to write a little script to extract the css classes from it. Well here it is:

Some Stupid Story.

28 Aug 2007

So today wasn’t very interesting computer wise.

I found this job for a java (yuc!) programmer at this bank in Jefferson City. I fixed up my resume an made it all nice and pretty. I put it on google docs and head over to my sister desktop to print it since my laptop isn’t hooked up to the printer. Well, I was warned that the printer wasn’t working very well so. So first off I go to mapquest to get directions. I select the part I need, File, Print, Ok…. “Cannot communicate with printer”! wtf!. The little dialog says that I should try and unplugged than replug the printer.

I'm back

27 Aug 2007

Ok I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here but I kinda went to Syria then I ended up moving to Columbia, Missouri. I’m still not settled in and stuff is still crazy…. The last month/two months have been really crazy.

Too much work for somethig I dont care about.

29 Jun 2007

Ok so today at around 11:30PM I decided to go back to the link tester and write it in python…. Well that ment that I had to write a parser to get the urls. Which also ment that I had to handle relative urls which means I would have to write somthig to parse the value of the href attribute… In other words I have better things to waste my time on tonight

Python Link Extractor/tester

27 Jun 2007

Ok so I was going to write a python counter part to yesterdays script. It’s kind of funny because the difference between Python and Perl are so big that it’s hard to write a good counter part in python.

For starters python doesnt have a HTML::LinkExtor module so I have to write my own link extractor which isn’t hard. It’s actually kind of easy. But it’s also somethig I didn’t have to do in perl.

A Quick and Dirty Perl Hack

26 Jun 2007

Well a while back I read a book to learn perl. I have seen perl code before and I, like very one else, have heard about it. I did the standard programming practices (e.g: Remove blank lines) and wrote a couple of utilities that I used to clean up some data I had. But after that I dropped it for about 4 month. Today I was looking a my copy of the Perl Cookbook and started reading the web stuff chapter. I read a couple of recipes and came up with this:


18 Jun 2007

QtDesigner + Python + Mac = Some really cool shit

Why do we use only RMDBs?!

15 Jun 2007

Well It’s aas far as the former issue of figuring out how to get Mac and FreeBSD to play nice together I haven’t done anything. I think I’m just gonna install BootCamp, create a small partition to boot freeBSD off of and get it over with.

I know why the external wont boot.

10 Jun 2007

Ok I figured out why the external USB wouldnt boot. I was playing around with Disk Utility and in order to get the external to boot there is a special partitioning format thats needed. So I plugged in the usb and formatted it in the needed from for it to boot. I poped in the FreeBSD CD (Again) and booted from it. It turns out freebsd doest understand the partition table format the apple uses so I dont know what to do now. I remember Gentoo had something about Mac OS X partitioning so I might check that out, but that was for PPC based macs. I’m pretty sure freebsd has a way to do what I need it to do but I’m kinda getting tired with all the problems I’ve been having with it lately. I usually like freebsd but the last week it’s just been a pain in the ass.

Continuing the FreeBSD struggle

03 Jun 2007

So I got a freebsd 6.2 CD and popped it in tne mac and it booted up all nice and pretty. The installation was a breeze, freebsd saw both the external hard drive and my wireless card, gentoo didnt see my wireless.